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Some of the fields in the internet page of Scan and Go (for example: Please your opinion) may require to fill out the online application form for the user, by inserting also some of his personal data as name, surname, and email address.

We want to empathize that this is an optional thing, which can be given voluntarily and provided for the user to process further with the application for the purpose for which it is requested (for example: the information when Scan and Go app will be live).

In this context, Scan and Go wants to draw the attention of every user that after the information has reached the Scan & Go Web server, the web server implements a security system of the highest standards for the storage and further processing of this data, in accordance completely with the provision of Law nr. 9887 dated 10.03.2008 “On the Protection of the Personal Data” and GDPR.


By completing the online application form the user declares and gives his approval for further processing of the information provided from Scan and Go only for non-personalized statistical purposes, for the purpose of informing by the moment that Scan and Go application will be live, and only for the purpose that he user has declared voluntarily his personal data. 

At any time, after the user has declared and voluntarily provided the required information in these specific arias, he can later send a request to Scan and Go to access this data, or to ask for their block, correction, or deletion. 

For any question, request, or complain regarding the use of the personal data by Scan and Go, you can send to us an email to the following email address:

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