Frequently asked questions

What is Scan & Go application?

Scan & GO is an application, build to support both Android and IOS mobile systems, which facilitates and ease the shopping experience of a customer by reducing the time of waiting in the queue through and end to end mobile process, and through the possibility to pay directly from the mobile application. Through the application you can buy the products in the shop, pay through the application and leave the shop without waiting and wasting time in the queue.

What does it offer?

The application offers the minimization of the time in queue and facilitation of shopping experience:
- offers the possibility to create and manager your digital cart
- offers the possibility to pay through the application and minimize Cash payments.
- minimization of time spent in the queue
- possibility to create and manager your own shopping list and use during the shopping activity.
- possibility to access, change, modify and remove at any time the personal information
- offers an electronic storage of all your payments done through the application.
- possibility to create a personal profile based on personal preferences
- offers the wallet to store your loyalty card and information
- offers the possibility to benefit from personalized offers according the personal preferences
- offers vouchers, loyalty points and discounts through the usage of the application
- offers real time notification of daily, monthly and special offers of the preferred shop.

Which are the benefits from using the application Scan & GO?

Scan & GO application innovates and changes the way of doing shopping by bringing a thrilling experience for the user. The user will benefit the easiness of the shopping activity, as well as:
- cashless payments
- less time in queue
- vouchers, loyalty points and discounts in the shop
- personalized offers based of the personal preferences.

How much will the application cost?

Scan & GO application is free to use and no additional costs will be charged to the user. You can easily download the application from the app stores based on the system of your mobile, register in the application add start immediately to use.

Where can I use Scan & Go application?

Scan & GO application can be used in all the shops and supermarkets which have approved its usage. The application can be used in SPAR supermarkets, Spar Teg supermarket etc.

How can I pay through the application?

Scan & Go application offers the possibility of cashless payments. Through the application, the user can register its bank details and credit cards, save the information for future use and pay directly from the application without going to the cashier of the supermarket and shop. All the bank details registered in the application are protected based on EU regulation about Information Security Laws and measures and can be easily modified, changed or even removed at any time from the user.

Is it possible to use the application Scan & GO without a bank account?

Scan & Go application is built to offer and end to end process, entirely from the mobile phone and without the necessity of support from the cashiers of the shop/supermarket. The application can be used partially even without a bank account. The user will benefit all the features of the application up to the moment of the digital payment. The user who wants to benefit from the cashless payment possibility, can register at any time in the application, his bank details.

How confidential and protected are my information?

Scan & GO application is built based on EU regulation regarding the Data Protection laws and measures. The user can access, read and accept the terms and conditions for the usage of application and information treatment conditions. All the information registered in the application can be easily modified, changed or even removed at any time from the user.