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The App is tested and certified with the highest security standards via “Penetration Test” to guarantee that your personal and banking data are untouchable.

No more que

Queues will become history. Check out easily without waiting at the cashier, a literal contactless experience.


Yes, it is true. You will pay nothing for this service. 

No cash, no cards

Pay just with one click, directly from your smartphone. No need ta add cards and no cash as well.

Buying List

The App ofers an electronic buying list. No need for post-its, letters etc. Everything in one place. 

Product info 

Do you need info about the products? As soon as you get the "i" icon click on that and get info at a glance for the ingredients so you can buy safely. 

Full Transparency

Everything you need is easily reachable within the App. You pay nothing for the service and enjoy queue less experience, shopping list, electronic bill, history on your bills and real time payments. 


Download now for free Scan&Go App




Fill out the registration fields, and you'll get an OTP in the e-mail address you filled out. Use this code to finalize your registration process. 


Focus the camera of your phone on the product barcode and get information in less than a second.


Compose your digital basket by adding products after each scan. 


After approval of the payment, a QR code will appear on your mobile. Use this code to check out safely from the shop.

Download now for free Scan&Go App

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Download now for free Scan&Go App